ProcessDirect adapter

The SAP BTP Integration Suite offers various adapters for integration flow developers to utilize. Among these are frequently used options such as HTTPS, SFTP, OData, and Mail.

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In this post, I would like to demonstrate one of the adapters that could potentially be used in BTP development to facilitate communication between different iFlows within the same BTP tenant. The adapter I am referring to is ProcessDirect.

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When do I need to start using this adapter?

According to the documentation provided by SAP, you can commence using the ProcessDirect adapter when you require establishing fast communication between iFlows hosted within one BTP tenant.

Use ProcessDirect adapter (sender and receiver) to establish fast and direct communication between integration flows by reducing latency and network overhead provided both of them are available within a same tenant.

Additional information

Before the development of the iFlows begins, it is necessary to bear in mind that several producer iFlows can trigger one consumer iFlow using the ProcessDirect adapter.

Multiple producers can connect to a single consumer, but the reverse is not possible. The cardinality restriction is also valid across integration projects. If two consumers with the same endpoint are deployed, then the start of the second consumer fails.

While configuring the ProcessDirect adapter, please pay attention to the receiver address that you are using to trigger the consumer iFlow from the producer iFlow.

Representation of address customization for the DirectProcessing adapter in both consumer and producer iFlows


For demonstration purposes, I am going to create two producer iFlows that will have the Content Modifier step in them. The Content Modifier step is used to create the new exchange property and then print it out in the message body.

Producer #1
Producer #2

Here are the settings of the ProcessDirect adapter for two producer iFlows

Moving to the consumer iFlow now. To make the consumer iFlow available to be started from the producer, it is required to set up the ProcessDirect adapter as a starting entry point by providing the correct address. Please refer to the screenshot below.

After deploying the changes, I am triggering the first producer's endpoint

and the second one

If I open the Monitoring tool, I would be able to see two calls of Producers' iFlow and two calls of Consumer's iFlow as well.

I hope this makes sense.